What To Wear

Women - We believe in providing a comfortable experience tailored to your preferences. When it comes to attire during your spray tanning session, the choice is entirely up to you. You have the option to wear a swimsuit, undergarments, or receive the spray tan nude, based on your personal comfort level.

Men - To ensure an even tan line, it is advisable for men to wear undergarments that fit tightly around the leg or thigh area. For the safety and comfort of our spray tan artists, we kindly request that men wear shorts or undergarments during the session.

In compliance with gender discrimination laws, we understand that some men may prefer to be spray tanned nude. To accommodate such requests, we kindly ask that all clients born biologically male who wish to be sprayed nude notify our staff at least 48 hours prior to their scheduled appointment. You can contact us by phone at 303-587-6173 or via email at rockstarspraytans@outlook.com.

At Rockstar Spray Tans, we prioritize your comfort, privacy, and satisfaction. Please feel free to communicate your preferences to our staff, and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

What to Wear After Your  Tan

Once you've had your tan, it's important to choose the right clothing to maintain and protect your newly bronzed skin. We recommend the following attire:

  • Opt for a dark, loose-fitting long sleeve shirt that extends past your elbows. This will help prevent any potential smudging or transfer of the tanning solution. 
  • Choose loose-fitting dark pajama pants or sweatpants instead of jeans. The relaxed fit will minimize friction and allow your skin to breathe comfortably.
  • Wear loose flip flops or sandals without socks. This will prevent any rubbing or irritation on your freshly tanned feet.

By following these clothing guidelines, you can ensure the longevity and quality of your tan. Remember, maintaining loose and dark clothing helps to minimize the potential for any unwanted marks or color transfer.


How To Prepare

For Your Spray Tan

Spray Tanning FAQ's

  • A Woman's Menstrual Cycle can affect your body's natural PH Balance and affect the way the spray tan solution reacts with your natural amino acids.  SOME women experience shorter spray tan duration or splotchy spots when getting a spray tan during menstruation.
  • Hormone Treatments such as Progesterone.
  • Clients with autoimmune diseases such as MS, Lupus, etc. can sometimes experience shortened longevity of their spray tan, or splotchy area's on the body. 
  • Band-Aid or adhesive tape applied to skin will pull the "tan" off.
  • Bar soaps, especially Dove Soap, or antibacterial varieties.
  • BHA Products (Beta Hydroxy Acids-salicylic acid).
  • Body hair bleach products will bleach the tan; non bleach skin lighteners are fine.
  • Bore type adhesive facial strips, or “peel-off” masks.
  • Bug spray, perfumes, body sprays when sprayed directly onto skin, can remove or fade the tan. Instead, spray clothing, or spray a "cloud" of spray that you can walk through, instead of directly onto skin.
  • Dove soap, and Dove Shower gel, will fade a tan faster, on some people.
  • Jergen's Body Lotion
  • Baby Oil
  • Hair Inhibiting Lotions tend to make a sunless tan yellow.
  • If you exercise and sweat heavily your tan can fade faster, especially in body fold areas. (Arm bends, knee bends, between breasts, etc.)

Experience our exclusive Sun Zero Solution, a unique formula designed to provide you with a flawless tan that suits all skin types. Achieve the perfect cocoa brown color that will leave you looking radiant and sun-kissed.

When you come in for your spray tanning service, our skilled and experienced spray tan artists will dedicate approximately 15 minutes to applying your tan with precision and expertise. Rest assured that our team is trained and certified, ensuring that you receive professional and top-notch service.

With our Sun Zero Solution, you can enjoy the benefits of your spray tan for an extended period. Typically, one spray tan lasts between 5-7 days, giving you plenty of time to showcase your beautifully bronzed skin. If you desire a longer-lasting tan, consider opting for two spray tans within a 3-day period or choose our double dip option, which can keep your tan looking fresh for up to 10 days.

At Rockstar Spray Tans, we prioritize the satisfaction and confidence of our clients. Trust in our expertise and enjoy the stunning results of our professionally delivered spray tanning services.

  • (Do not use products containing mineral oil or Dove Soap) - To ensure optimal results for your spray tan, please avoid using products that contain mineral oil or Dove soap before your appointment. These products can have adverse effects on the outcome of your tan. As depicted in the image below, applying Dove soap before a spray tan can result in spots on your skin during the application process.

Spray Tanning FAQ's

  • Apply Deodorant: If you tend to perspire, it is crucial to apply deodorant before your spray tan appointment. This step helps prevent any potential streaking caused by the mixture of sweat and the bronzer in the spray tan solution. Please note that your armpits may temporarily turn green when the deodorant mixes with the solution. However, rest assured that the green tint will wash off during your first shower.
  • Shave Prior to Your Tan: It is recommended to shave either on the day of your appointment or the day before. This ensures that your skin is smooth and allows the spray tan to adhere evenly.​
  • Remove Face Makeup: Before the tanning process begins, it is advisable to remove any face makeup, except for eye makeup which can be left on. This allows for better coverage and an even application of the spray tan solution on your face.
  • Avoid Self-Tanning Products: It is important not to apply any self-tanning products before your spray tan session. All self-tanning products, except for our Sun Zero Solutions, should be avoided and should not be visible on your skin during the spray tan application.
  • Remove Jewelry: Before being sprayed, please remove any jewelry you may be wearing. This ensures that the spray tan solution is applied smoothly and evenly to all areas of your skin.

    By following these preparation tips, you'll help create the optimal conditions for a beautiful and flawless spray tan. If you have any additional questions or concerns, our friendly staff is here to assist you.

​​How to Maintain Your Spray Tan

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your spray tan, follow these essential tips:

  1. Moisturize with Water-Based Products: It is crucial to use a water-based moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated without interfering with the tan. Check the ingredients list of your lotion and avoid products containing mineral oil. Apply the moisturizer twice a day after your initial shower. We offer a specialized moisturizer designed specifically for maintaining your spray tan. Additionally, incorporating a daily application of coconut oil along with your regular moisturizer can help extend the life of your tan.
  2. Gentle Cleansing: When showering, use only soap and water. Avoid using a washcloth or loofah on your skin throughout the duration of your spray tan. Gentle and minimal friction will help preserve the tan's integrity.
  3. Pat Dry: After showering or sweating, gently pat your skin dry with a towel instead of rubbing. This approach will prevent any unnecessary fading or unevenness.
  4. Mindful Exfoliation: If you regularly receive spray tans, exfoliate your skin every 28 days or focus on areas where there might be bronzer build-up. Give your skin a break for one week every 28 days to allow natural cell regeneration.

By following these maintenance guidelines, you can enjoy a longer-lasting and beautiful spray tan. If you have any further questions or require specialized products for maintaining your tan, our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you.

The Following Products, Conditions or Medication can Lighten or Make a Spray Tan Splotchy:

Questions and Answers

  • Exfoliating with a salt or sugar scrub, or other appropriate product is recommended the day of, or the day before you sunless-tan.  Exfoliating removes loose, dead, dry skin cells that prevent even application of sunless solution will improve and extend your tanning results. If you spray tan frequent, you only need to exfoliate every 28 days, or if you experience a bronzer build up on certain parts of the body.

Q.  How many hours do I have to wait after my spray tan to take a shower?

A.  Below specifies the required processing time before you can shower off:

Shower in 1 hour to obtain a light tan.
Shower in 2 hours for a light/medium tan.
Shower in 3 hours for a medium tan.
Shower in 4 hours for a dark tan.

Although this tan can be washed off after 1-4 hours, the tan will not be fully developed for 24 hours.

Q.  How long does the tan last?
A.  Clients report that the tan typically lasts 5-7 days. This varies according to skin type and life style. (Swimming, sweating, etc. will decrease the length of the tan) The tan will fade like a natural tan. If you desire a longer-lasting tan, consider opting for two spray tans within a 3-day period or choose our double dip option, which can keep your tan looking fresh for up to 10 days.

Q: Is spray application beneath the breasts and buttocks part of your service?

A: Typically, we refrain from spraying in those areas. Our training, influenced by our association with the company working on Dancing with the Stars, discourages it. Due to the natural occurrence of sweat beneath the breasts and buttocks, combined with bra friction, there is a risk of the tan appearing uneven or resembling dirty coffee grounds. While we can accommodate your request for spraying in those areas, we strongly advise against it. Additionally, we may not be able to rectify any issues arising from such applications.

Q.  Am I going to have bronze color when I finish my tanning appointment?
A.  Yes. You will have the instant satisfaction of a visible bronze color, the bronzer washes off in your first shower.

Q.  Can I wear make-up during my tanning appointment and shortly thereafter?
A.  It is not recommended to wear foundation during your spray tan appointment as it creates a barrier for the spray tan to penetrate.   Eye make up and lipstick is fine.

Q.  Will my skin look orange?
A.   Absolutely Not.

Q.  How safe is spray tanning?
A.  Very safe! The formula contains only essential ingredients. The FDA approved dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which penetrates only the top layer of the skin. It does not absorb into the body or bloodstream.

Q.  Do I need to exfoliate before my tanning appointment?
A.  Yes, a day before or the same day of your appointment.

Q.  What kind of the exfoliater should I use?
A.  A sugar or salt scrub works great. If you don't have a product, you can use a loofah.

Q.  What kind of shower gel should I use to care for my tan?
A.  Anything but Dove or Jergens, it tends to fade your tan faster.

Q.  Can I shave or wax my legs before tanning?
A.  Yes, you can not wax after a spray tan it will take your tan off your skin.  Shaving is fine before and after your spray tan.

Q.  Can I use moisturizer before tanning?
A.  Yes & No. You can Moisturize a few hours before your appointment with a water based moisturizer, just do not use any moisturizer that contains mineral oil. 

Q.  What should I wear after my spray tan?
A.  After tanning, you should wear loose fitting dark clothing (no jeans), and loose flip flops, with no socks.

Q.  Will the spray tan stain my clothes, bed sheets, and/or my car seat?
A.  You should wear long, dark, loose fitting pants  (until your first shower) to protect any surface (in case of sweating) that you may come in contact with. (i.e. car seats, bed sheets, sofas, etc.) and to avoid skin on skin contact in the bends of your legs and arms as it can create moisture.   Lycra or spandex can be stained from the bronzer so avoid wearing the material until after your first shower. 

Q.  Does the spray tan dry fast?
A.  Yes. You will be dry in no more than 5 minutes.  You may feel sticky, and that is  the hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in the product.

Q.  Can I work out right after tanning?
A.  No. Absolutely Not! After a minimum of 8 hours, take a shower and then you can resume your regular activities.

Q.  Does sunless spray tan contain sun screen?
A.  No. Your tan will not fully develop for 24 hours. Sunless spray tan is great for people with Rosacea who want to hide pink and red splotches.

Q. Can I Sleep in my spray tan?
A.  It is recommended that you do not leave your spray tan on longer than 4 hours.

Q. What is DHA?
A. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the active ingredient found in the most effective sunless tanning products, as recognized by the American Academy of Dermatology. Derived from glycerin, DHA is a colorless chemical that interacts with the amino acids present in dead skin cells, resulting in a brown color change. It is important to note that this reaction occurs only on the surface of the skin where the dead skin cells are located.

As our skin naturally sheds dead cells, the color change produced by DHA typically lasts between five to seven days. It's worth mentioning that DHA is not absorbed into the body through the skin and is considered non-toxic. Its safety and effectiveness have been established over several decades, as DHA was first discovered by the Germans in the late 1920s when accidental skin contact with DHA caused a brown coloration.

DHA has been listed as an approved ingredient by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1973. It has been extensively used in cosmetic preparations for nearly 30 years, making it a well-established and trusted component in sunless tanning products.