Permanent Makeup

Welcome to My Lash & Brow Dealer, where beauty meets precision, and confidence is crafted with every stroke. Meet Ashleigh Lynnea, the visionary Permanent Makeup and Microblading Artist behind the flawless brows that redefine beauty standards. At My Lash & Brow Dealer, we specialize in elevating your aesthetic with our exclusive focus on brow microblading and powdering.

Ashleigh Lynnea isn't just an artist; she is a trailblazer in the beauty industry, setting new standards for perfection and excellence. With a passion for enhancing natural beauty and an unparalleled commitment to precision, Ashleigh has become a revered leader in the world of permanent makeup and microblading.

What sets us apart? Ashleigh Lynnea goes beyond the conventional, ensuring that her clients not only leave with stunning brows but also with the confidence that comes from personalized and expertly crafted beauty. Her dedication to perfection has earned her a reputation as a trendsetter in the industry.

But Ashleigh's influence doesn't stop there. Recognizing the need for skilled professionals in the field, she has expanded her expertise to become a credentialed instructor. Now, as an educator, Ashleigh not only creates beautiful brows but also empowers others to do the same. She teaches and certifies aspiring microblading artists, sharing her knowledge, techniques, and passion for perfection.

Nestled within the exquisite ambiance of Rockstar Spray Tans Spa, My Lash & Brow Dealer offers an exclusive experience where beauty meets luxury. Our studio provides a serene and comfortable environment where you can relax and entrust your aesthetic journey to the skilled hands of Ashleigh Lynnea.

Whether you're seeking the perfect arch, fuller brows, or a natural powder finish, My Lash & Brow Dealer is your destination for transformative beauty. Step into a world where precision, expertise, and artistry converge to create the perfect brows you've always dreamed of.

Book your appointment today and discover the My Lash & Brow Dealer experience – where every stroke is a masterpiece, and beauty is redefined.