Rebecca was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She is half Peruvian and fluent in both English and Spanish. After graduating with her BA in Communication at the University of Colorado, she went on to work in fashion merchandising and marketing. However, she quickly realized working in the beauty industry was her true passion. As someone who has loved getting airbrush tans since high school, she is absolutely thrilled to become a certified spray tan artist at Rockstar Spray Tans. She believes that anyone can achieve a beautiful tan without the dangers of UV radiation and is eager to spread the message of healthy tanning to all generations. Rebecca is so excited to work with new and existing clients and is looking forward to expanding Rockstar Spray Tans in fresh and exciting ways. She will make sure you leave the salon looking and feeling your absolute best!

A native to Colorado, Kadyn loves helping people feel confident and look beautiful in their own skin. She's no stranger to the beauty industry, as Kadyn is currently a licensed hairstylist and esthetician. She spends most of her days at Marchello's Salon in Littleton doing hair and skin care, and is thrilled to be adding Rockstar Spray Tans to her passion filled experience at our spa location. Not only will Kadyn be spraying at our Littleton location, she will eventually also be available at Marchello's Salon for all of our Southwest Littleton and Ken-Caryl Ranch clients! Kadyn has been continuously educating herself and making sure to keep up with the latest and safest trends in the beauty industry! Not only is Kadyn an artist, she is also a kind and compassionate woman.

​​Hi, I'm Shanon Anderson, a Colorado native, living my dream and life-long passion as a licensed Esthetician. I am the mother of two amazing little girls. I have been a part of the beauty industry for years. I love what I do and want you to have the best experience possible. I specialize in all skin types, and work hard to make sure your individual needs are met. I love to help men and women look and feel fantastic. I am always striving to consistently deliver an experience that is friendly, fast, painless and proficient. My poise, confidence, and relaxed personable manner puts you at ease, earning your long-term trust and loyalty. I pride myself on implementing and excelling in a wide range of techniques that showcase the latest methods, top trends, and cutting edge technology. I regularly attend classes to continue my education to better serve you and to meet your individual goals.

Kadyn Smith
Certified Spray Tan Artist, Hairstylist & Esthetician
Rockstar Spray Tans & Marchello's Salon

Rachael Knief

Certified Spray Tan Artist

Kayleigh King

Licensed Esthetician

Rae has been a longtime client of Rockstar Spray Tans, and she fell in love with the staff and the atmosphere. She is a kind and caring spirit who enjoys helping people feel and look their best. Rae has an extensive background in wellness consulting and cares deeply for the holistic health of others. She believes people are perfect just the way they are, and adding a little glow to their life only enhances that perfection. Rae is light complected with beautiful red hair.  With that being said, she is living proof that you can have a beautiful bronze tan even on the fairest skin tones. Rae is delighted to be a part of the team and welcomes new and seasoned clients with an inviting and friendly outlook. 

Shanon Anderson

Certified Spray Tan Artist/Licensed Esthetician

After struggling to figure out what she wanted to do after high school, Kayleigh found her calling as a licensed Esthetician. She loves how an hour long service can boost a person’s self-confidence and leave them feeling better than they did when they walked in. One of the many joys of her profession is the connection she is able to make with each client. She is always willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to lean on... if need be. Her goal is that everyone who comes to her feels safe and comfortable. She is very passionate about classic eyelash extensions and wants to give people the best experience possible -- as well as the best set of lashes ‘round town!

Athena LeBon


Rockstar Spray Tans & Sun Zero Solutions Tan Like a Rockstar

Master Spray Tan Artist

Rebecca Harmsen

Certified Spray Tan Artist

Meet Our Team in Littleton

Hello, I am Athena LeBon, the Founder of Rockstar Spray Tans Spa and Sun Zero Solutions Tan Like a Rockstar.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself owning a spray tanning business, or developing my own line of sunless solutions!  Now 8 years later, I have spray tanned thousands of people since opening my business. I feel so blessed to have a job that I love, and am so passionate about.  Prior to Rockstar Spray Tans, I was in the Information Technology business for 12 years -- yes, I was a computer geek! In 2007, I became a stay-at-home-mom, and am now blessed with two little boys!  Prior to my first spray tan, I was a baby oil sun worshiper, and only wore the minimum, if any, sunscreen. I would also use the tanning beds before vacation, or to get my base tan for the summer.  I can remember back in 2009, right before I went on vacation, I decided to try a spray tan. I was terrified of turning orange, smelling icky, and the general awkwardness of having someone see all of my flaws up close and personal.  To my pleasant surprise, I was completely shocked after my spray tan. I could not believe it looked like I had a suntan -- it was amazing! The tan wasn't orange, there was NO damage to my skin, and I did not smell like over-the-counter chemical products.  I knew immediately that I needed to buy myself the equipment and solution to be tan all year around! Once the equipment arrived, I invited my sister and a friend over to test my equipment. And let’s just say, I am lucky they both still speak to me after I finished their tans because they looked horrible!  I had absolutely no clue what I was doing nor how to use my machine. I then decided to get professionally trained and once I received my certification, my business-mind starting spinning. It felt like I knew a little secret that I had to share with the rest of the world, regarding the health and beauty of our skin.  As a spray tan artist, I was so excited to encourage others to stay out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time, which decreases one’s chances of age spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer. I was filled with a strong passion to spread the word that spray tanning is SAFE, SMART, & HEALTHY. Soon, I began spray tanning friends, family, and even friends of friends out of my home.  My business quickly grew, and I needed a separate office. In short time, I was blessed to have met Margaret Kemble, the Owner of Bare Necessities Laser Clinic. Margaret, coincidentally went to high school with my Mother and our fast friendship turned into a business partnership, and in 2010, Rockstar Spray Tans was formed. I am committed to spreading the word about protecting our skin from harmful UV rays and yet still obtain that brilliant tan that makes us feel radiant and on-top-of-the-world. I am passionate about educating all generations, especially our youth, on the ability to achieve a beautiful bronze tan without accelerating wrinkles and sunspots or damaging our skin, and how this in turn, is saving and changing lives.