During a healing session at Sundance Face Spa, the focus is on purifying and balancing the chakras, liberating any stagnant or unbeneficial energy that may be hindering your well-being on an energetic level.

The chakras serve as vital energy centers within us, storing not only our own energy but also aspects we struggle to release energetically. These may include remnants from our past, inherited patterns from previous generations, or unresolved traumas from childhood, among many other influences. By addressing these energetic imprints, we aim to restore harmony and promote healing.

Come and be part of our immersive Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath, a profound journey that will ignite your spiritual exploration, both inwardly and outwardly. By establishing a profound connection with the spirit of cacao, our ancestral wisdom, and ancient instruments, we intentionally open up the pathways to your heart, fostering amplified creativity and providing support during life's difficult moments. This experience combines the potent healing properties of plant-based medicine and the therapeutic effects of sound, embodying the age-old practices of healing and offering a glimpse into the future.

​​​​​​Energy Healing

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Cacao & Sound