$150 Students (22 & Under)

Get ready to unleash your dazzling smile with our 5-session package of fifteen-minute treatments. For optimal results, we suggest using 1-2 sessions during your first appointment and saving the extras for touch-ups in three to six months. Perfect for heavily stained teeth, three 15-minute treatments can brighten your smile by an impressive 10-15 shades.

​​​​Cosmetic Teeth Whitening 

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Double Session


$125 Students (22 & Under)

Experience the complete power of your smile with Smile Labs expert teeth whitening. With two 15-minute sessions, our exceptional treatment can enhance your teeth by an astounding 5-10 shades, perfect for individuals with moderately discolored teeth.

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Multi Session

​​​ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

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Littleton, CO

Rockstar Spray Tans Spa is the exclusive provider of the SmileLabs Teeth Whitening System in Littleton. Experience the remarkable benefits of SmileLabs professional whitening: fast, safe, effective, and pain-free. 

Our state-of-the-art photosensitive teeth whitening gel employs peroxide-based chemistry to ensure continuous tooth hydration during the whitening process. This exceptional hydration feature sets our product apart from other teeth whitening gels, preventing any discomfort or sensitivity. Embrace a faster, safer, and more effective teeth whitening experience with our superior service.

Skip the hassle of costly whitening strips or trays that take weeks, and visit us instead. In just 15 minutes, leave our spa with teeth 2-5 shades lighter, without any uncomfortable sensitivity.

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$75 Students (22 & Under)

Experience the transformative power of Smile Labs professional whitening. In just 15 minutes, our advanced treatment can brighten your teeth by 2-5 shades, making it ideal for those with mildly stained teeth.