You have agreed to participate in one or more airbrush tanning sessions to achieve a sunless tan on your skin. For best results, please read and indicate that you understand and agree with the following information:
1. A portable spray tan tent will be set up in the location determined by you, the room must have an electric outlet. Men must wear full coverage undergarments. Women may choose to tan nude or wear undergarments. The initial bronzer in the airbrush tanning solution may transfer to clothing, fabrics, furniture and car seats. The bronzers are water soluble -- they will wash out of most fabrics; however, such materials like silk, lycra, spandex, nylon, wool and leather can stain.  To reduce the possibility of staining, it is advised to wash the undergarment or clothing, which you wore home after receiving your spray tan, as soon as possible.

2. An airbrush tan, like any self-tanning product, will not protect your skin from burning in the natural sun or in a UV tanning bed. Please take the proper precautions when exposed to UV light.

3. For best results, please honor the following lengths of time before showering after your tan:

  • Popstar, DJ, and Rockstar Sunless Solution.

Please allow these three Sunless Solutions to develop for a minimum of 8 (eight) hours before showering. While these three Sunless Solutions can be washed off after 8 hours, they’ll continue to develop up to 24 hours.

  • VIP Sunless Solution.​

→ Shower in 1 (one) hour to obtain a light tan; 

→ Shower in 2 (two) hours for a light/medium tan; 
→ Shower in 3 (three) hours for a medium tan; and 
→ Shower in 4 (four) hours for a dark tan. 
Although this tan can be washed off after 1-4 hours, the tan will not be fully developed for 24 hours -- just like the previous three Sunless Solutions.
4. Our spray tan artists are trained and certified to provide a smooth even tan. Your spray tan develops by the active ingredient in our Sunless Solutions, DHA (dihydroxyacetone).  The DHA works with your natural amino acids on the top layer of your skin and requires normal PH Levels (Potential of Hydrogen) for your spray tan to develop properly.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that the adherence of your spray tan is all based on the chemistry of your body, both internally and externally.  Factors affecting the body’s ability to absorb the spray tan, include hormonal issues, medical conditions, and medications that can create a PH imbalance on your skin, which in turn, can decrease the longevity of your spray tan, or can restrict your spray tan from developing at all, or can result in an uneven or splotchy tan. Below are some of the known diseases, medications and conditions that we know can cause adverse results with your spray tan.  Please note: Not every individual with the below diagnoses and/or medications will have issues with their spray tan.
• Lupus
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Menstruation
• Hormone injections, therapy or balancing pills
• Breastfeeding
• Some birth control pills
• Thyroid medication
• Antibiotics
• Chemotherapy
• Any medication that affects the skin or skin health
• If you have had adverse effects utilizing self-tanning products or moisturizers in the past, you may experience similar effects with the airbrush system.
* If any of the above conditions apply to you, please discuss with your spray tan artist before proceeding with your spray tan.
5. We recommend that you hold your breath, during facial spraying. We make this recommendation because most individuals would prefer not to breathe in the mist, even though, the solution is not considered harmful in the minimal amounts that may be inhaled in a normal spray tanning session.

6. Our number one priority at Rockstar Spray Tans is to apply a flawless spray tan. In the event you are not satisfied with the application of your spray tan and would like a refund, we require you to come back to our location AFTER the 24 hour developing time is complete and NO LONGER THAN 48 hours after your initial appointment. In other words, we need 24 hours for the Sunless Solutions to develop, and then you have the next 24 hours ONLY to personally come into our office to share your undesired results with one of our certified spray tan artists. If your undesired results are determined to be due to the application of the spray tan by one of our spray tan artists your spray tan will be refunded.
This process is important to understand, and as such, you are agreeing to complete these specific steps in order to be eligible for a refund or re-spray.  On the flipside, we also completely understand that accidents happen, such as spilling water on yourself during the spray tan development process or experiencing excessive sweating, etc.  We will absolutely work with you in the event this should occur and will touch up your spray tan at no charge within 48 hours of your initial appointment.

7. You are required to sign our Spray Tan Care Acknowledgement form which reminds you about the post-care of your spray tan and acknowledges that you are satisfied with our services and application of your spray tan BEFORE you leave your initial appointment.

Mobile Spray Tanning Client Waiver